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Lawful Good Paladog.

"I am, and will always be, the eternal optimist."

RA for Bradley, help me out TDFers??
almei lovey dovey
Did the bare-bones of a Meowrrific RA for Bradley (on Prince's suggestion). I was thinking some kind of songbird but I could be way off base, idk. ;n; Feel free to ask me any questions for expansion and I'll pass them on to him.

Also worth knowing, he's definitely a Huffledor and most likely an ESFP?

I think we like flat coated retrievers for him, thanks guys. /o/ Domestic cattle was pretty close, but ultimately liked retrievers best.

cut to save your flCollapse )


[christmas christmas time is here]
Some time this evening my good mood plummeted and now I feel crappy. There are two main reasons for this.

The first reason.Collapse )

The second reason.Collapse )

On the bright side I got a bunch of awesome stuff for Christmas.
+ Six movies (All three Lord of the Rings, Princess and the Frog, the new Alice in Wonderland, and Pocahontas on DvD)
+ A huge art kit, an easel, and five canvases.
+ Two Wii games (Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Epic Mickey)
+ 100$ gift card for Hot Topic
+ 15$ gift card for Arby's
+ 40$ gift card for pet store
+ A gray peacoat and gray boots
+ A bunch of candy and chocolate
+ Colorful scarves and socks

[baby it's cold outside~]
I love that song. * o* Something about it just makes me all happy. It makes me want to be curled up next to someone on the couch wrapped in blankets with hot cocoa.

I guess there really isn't much to report. I'm not on TDF so much lately (I tend to visit TDF in spurts anyways and I'm in one of my off moments right now) so I can't gripe about anything over there too much. On the positive(?) side I've reached a new level of nerdery, in that I have officially played D&D and I've made a character for a tabletop RPG called Battlestations. :B Andddd I love it.

So it's the Christmas season! My family has our traditions - tomorrow we go to cut down our Christmas tree (you can't beat NC trees, the White House comes to our mountains to get trees, pfft, we're awesome) and we'll decorate it tomorrow evening (with cookies alongside), then we make gingerbread houses on Sunday. Ahhhh, the festive spirit. I have it.

Also, I really like scarves. But I don't have many of them. Someone knit me a scarf? ; ;

[[giddy on up, giddy on out]]
oh my god TDF. *massages face* I know Prince beat me to this already, but I'm so fucking irritated by this whole discussion. It's dumb, it's stupid, and it's totally irrelevant. I doubt the majority of people genuinely check to make sure the mod checks are going on. It's probably more of a "oh, new post in Feedback! oh, mod check! neat!" and that's it. Hot damn, I don't even /remember/ the last one and I don't give a damn. You know what? I don't even know if bad shit was said about me. Probably. I was an annoying little n00b who harassed the people I admired and threw my skewed and ignorant beliefs in people's faces. And ya know what? If they said shit about me and I knew who said it, I would just be pissed off at that person, not at the mod system or what allowed them to. Hell, people talk shit on Facebook about other TDFers all the damn time. I've done it. Who hasn't? But you know what? I don't dislike that we can use privacy blocks and shit on Facebook.

(also, feel free to post about how stupid you think i am in all your secretly modly forums so i can DISTRUST YOU FOREVER PLZ)

[[alice yesterday, tomorrow and today]]

A scene from the Alice in Wonderland play I was just in.
The March Hare is the boy I'm interested in. :P
Just thought you guys might enjoy it.

[[has that whole mad season got ya down?]]
plz to be havin' irritation right now. Hareboy is being extremely confusing with mixed signals and shizz. I was just talkin to him and he was leavin' to go to some game store and was like "You can come if you like!" (only I can't ; .;) then was like "Well, I'll probably be online later tonight, so I might actually get to talk to you!"

BOY WHY YOU BE CONFUSIN' ME? Just last week you hardly talked to me and now you're all "Hey, I wanna chat with you :D Let me do winkfaces and stuff in yer chatbox, cuz I know me joking with you will make you smile"


Also, I'm like hardly ever on TDF anymore, lolol, because I got so busy with the Alice play that I rarely felt like rousing myself to post. It takes energy to post on TDF, man. And I'm also trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for my Secret Santa thing. I've only got one thing for my Physical (although they should be fairly easy to do) but I'm all-over stumped with my Digital. I know I'm going to do a poem at least, but that just doesn't seem like enough. I want to get a bunch of drawings done for them too, but I'm still trying to find people to request from that aren't TDFers. I don't have enough moneys to commission a bunch of drawings. :[ /is broke

POTTER WAS FANTASTIC. And all this talk about Houses on my LJ feed, what group is this that is doing the Sorting stuff? I might be interested in poking into that briefly. 8D Unless I gotta stay around a long time, because I never stick with forums anymore, ever.

[[your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog]]
So I've had a not-so-good week. My puppy was hit by a car on Tuesday and died as a result. :( She was so important to me. My ex actually got her for me as a joint thing for us, but I fought for her after we broke up and kept her. I actually had to fight with my parents to keep her too. She made me feel so proud of myself, the two of us together. She was mine and I had helped train her and she was doing so well, despite being so stubborn...

I miss her. I miss coming home and not seeing her wriggling body straining against her lead outside to get to me so she can roll all over me and nip at my fingers and wag her tail like crazy. I miss bringing her inside and her running straight to my room and jumping up on my bed. I miss laying with her there, petting her until she fell asleep next to me. I miss marveling over how she could eat a whole rawhide bone within five minutes. I miss the way I could kiss her cheek and she would turn and lick my face.

She just helped me so much. I know people probably look at me like a fucking idiot because I was hurt so bad over my big breakup, but damn. I'm a people person. I throw my whole self into a relationship, and I essentially had to rediscover who I was. It took a long time to do that, and I had to heal a lot of hurt - and a lot of other relationships with other people that I neglected because of it. It was a long, painful road and Keely helped me through it, just by loving me unconditionally as dogs will always do.

She wasn't even fully grown. I'll never know what she would've looked like grown. It kills me.

I just miss her so much. :(

[[like passing notes in secrecy]]
The more I look into Carolina dog, the more I love it. <3 I love projecting Zephyr as one, I love the analytical side of them, and they just feel so cozy. It makes me happy. xD As far as "settling", I don't know. I just don't really see many people announcing "settledom" very often anymore, unless it's younger members. Oh well. :3 That's fine. I don't know that I'm settled yet anyways.

I'm absolutely loving theatre. I'm a little surprised by that, I guess because when I first started I was like "|: small parts? LAME", but I've come to really appreciate smaller parts just as equally as big ones. They're all vitally important to the whole of the play.

And the PEOPLE, oh the PEOPLE. I love the people. It kinda reminds me of JROTC, but without the uniformity that we had. Everyone talks to everyone. Everyone is friendly. It makes me happy. Plus, I'm talking with the guy who's playing the March Hare. :3 Which is a plus.

Quick question, which I've asked on TDF already - when it comes to age, how much is too much? Hare is 23 to my 18. I don't really have a problem with it, since he acts like he's younger anyways and I was surprised to find out he was 23, but more concerned with parents and stuff and whether it'll be worth getting them to get over their initial unhappiness, or whether the rest of the world is going to prove them right by being like "GASP SHE'S 18 AND HE'S 23 SCANDALOUS". I mean, I'm in college and he's recently graduated, it doesn't seem like a big deal to me...? :\

[[the beast you've made of me]]
i am full of irritation these days, ugh

since i'm a dog soul, it will come as no surprise that i get lonely quite easily. particularly if, as right now, i don't have a firm "master" figure. i have strong moments of disjointedness, of abandonment, and of being very, very alone. it kinda sucks.

also, the ex is likely dating someone. this girl from my damn town who was one of the ones who he cheated on me with. (notice i say 'one of the ones'.) ugh. i feel so fucking stupid about all of that now, looking back. i just can't believe i was so fucking stupid and i just ignored everything. anyways, to the point, she's a trashy whore and so is he, she's an alcoholic, so is he, she's known for sleeping with other girl's boyfriends and he's known for cheating.

yay what a beautiful couple.

apparently, according to my sister, she doesn't want to date him, though, but she cares about him a lot? (lol wat, sounds to me like she doesn't want to be tied down to anybody.) regardless, i don't like either of them and i wish he'd stay the fuck out of my town. i swear to god, if i ever ran into him in person i'd probably kick him in the balls.

also, this girl apparently is always in church. every sunday and wednesday and she's invited my sister to come along lol yay :D
wtf hypocrisy i hate it

[[can't win 'em all]]
Apparently having an opinion that is the opposite of Tallguy isn't accepted. I provided a very strong debate for the legalization for gay marriage. I was ultimately told that he was "looking down the road and could see that this could cause conflicts, so maybe we should just stay friends".

lol wat. So believing that people are human beings and deserve all the same rights whether they are gay or not is wrong?

<: I think I'm okay with being "dumped" in this case, even if we weren't officially dating. Kinda proud of myself, actually.